The Cobwebs of My Mind

Where's that broom?

8 March 1978
Bio update, 09-19-12:

Vital statistics (at least the safe-for-internet ones):

-34 years old
-Married to a National Guard Soldier
-Two sons, 4 and 2
-One 12-year-old cat
-One 6-year-old Golden Retriever

Due to motherhood and life taking precedent over big posts on the internet (and my more frequent use of Facebook and Twitter), most of my posting is "microblogging" from Twitter. If I can pull two thoughts together for longer than a few minutes, I might be able to post more, but until then, I'm sorry it'll be a Twitter zone!

If you stick around, however, every once in a while, I will actually post about my latest writing escapades, whining, or -- and I've been trying to decide if I still want to do this -- an actual story, posted in installments. We shall see . . . ;)