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In Defense

I'm listening to Rush Limbaugh right now (like I do on many mornings), and he's playing bits from the media about how these children at the Greenbay Elementary School (I think – I know it's Greenbay) were SO OFFENDED AND UPSET by his commentary during the inauguration, which was piped in over the school's intercom during the actual event.

The principal of the school even said that Limbaugh's comments were "inappropriate". They're all up-in-arms, because they think he shouldn't have been sullying such a momentous occasion.

Here's a clue, people who can't grow up or do their own homework (school officials and media loudmouths BE ASHAMED):

Rush mentioned the day before – as a reminder to his listeners and affiliates – that he would be playing the inauguration without commercial breaks, and providing commentary at the same time. I heard him when he made the announcement. He was very clear. He is saying right now that he was even asked by his affiliates to provide commentary.

So those people who are having conniptions about Rush's commentary being piped over a school's sound system should probably write to the school and ask them who thought it was a good idea to use a radio affiliate without checking out whose show would be taking place at the same time?

It was Rush's show. It was his time slot. He was getting paid for it. It was the radio affiliate's prerogative to allow it, and it was Rush's right to free speech to make comments as he felt he should make them (by the way, they weren't hateful, they were critical. Last I checked, Bush couldn't turn his head without some member of the mainstream media freaking out over his actions, so they have NO ROOM to talk). I don't think the radio station would a) pay for Rush's vacation time to sit out the inauguration, or b) shut someone up who has so much clout.

Get a grip, people. Do your freakin' homework. People are allowed to be unhappy with Obama's election, and they're allowed to be critical of him and of the government.

I will be critical of the government till the day I die. It's the only way to stay free in a free nation. That's Limbaugh's job, and that of those who share his beliefs. Don't disparage him his freedom to speak what he believes.

Just FYI: He has repeatedly said, especially in the last few days, that he doesn't want Obama to be a failed president. He wants his socialist policies to fail.

I agree with him. I don't want government health care. I don't want my tax dollars to pay for other people's useless lives – and I don't want anybody else's tax dollars to fund my life! I don't want to try to be friends with terrorists and I don't want them in our jails, or set free to terrorize some more. I don't like Obama's policies. I have never made a secret of this, and neither has Rush Limbaugh or any other conservative talk show host I respect.

It makes me crazy that now that Obama has taken office, I am expected to put all my objections aside and adore this new president. I'm supposed to think of him as a blank slate – as if all his campaign promises just vaporized after he took the oath of office.

Sorry. No can do. I don't have warm, fuzzy feelings – I'm filled with a passion to keep our country free from the things Obama has promised he will try to do. Will I respect the presidential office? Sure! He's my husband's boss. I will never, EVER boo him off a stage (like so many lowlifes did as Bush left the stage Tuesday – jerks). I might even clap considerately when he leaves office. But he will not receive the disgusting, childish treatment Bush received while he was in office – not from me.

Obama is a man, and he should be expected to be treated like a man. A fully-human man. One wrapped in who-cares-what-color skin. His blood is as red as mine, and his heart beats just like mine does (except probably slower, because he works out regularly). He is not the embodiment of peace. He is not the embodiment of United States' hopes and ideals. He is most certainly not some kind of messiah to be worshipped. He is a rock star. He is pretty to look at and a decent speaker. But so was Jim Jones. And Hitler. (WHOAH – hang on there! I ONLY mention Hitler because he falls under the last few categories – not because I think Obama is Hitler and going to commit genocide and take over the known world by force. Sheesh.)

Maturity calls for a different kind of criticism – an adult criticism. Judgment based on the Golden Rule, and the measures by which I have been given to judge people by God's word (with love and diplomacy, but also righteousness, lawfulness, and respect).

I reserve the right to speak freely about what I believe – last I checked, that amendment was still mostly intact. I'm glad others can do it, too. But let's get our facts straight, okay?

To secure peace is to prepare for war – not disarm our own country and make friends with people who do not value human life, especially the lives of those upon whom they have declared eternal religious war. We have a civic duty to be critical of our government and keep it out of the public coffers for its own gain. We have a duty to our country to protect that which has made this country great – and it wasn't the president or the government. It was passion and industry and liberty. We have a duty to hold our government and our people accountable! We need to challenge them to uphold the law and the Constitution, despite popular opinion!

Okay, I'm stepping off my soapbox, but I still have a lot to say. I felt like I was in a holding pattern between the election and the inauguration – like I was holding my breath. Now I feel like I'm free to say what I need to say to move on, and defend my country from its own degradation.

I'll be posting some quotes from Atlas Shrugged later. Very scary, very eye-opening quotes. I think I'm on the verge of finding out who John Galt is, and I can't wait to read about Galt's Gulch and what it entails. Right now, though, I'm only on page 216 of 1075, but I'm seeing "future echoes" of how public opinion outweighs facts, and how great industrial groundbreakers are being torn down in the name of social equality.

It's frightening, friends. And I'm afraid it truly is in our future, especially if Obama gets what he and his fellow Democrats and Liberals want.
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